[PREMIERE] Jack Ü X Ember Island – Where Are U Now (Jimny Remix)


It is interesting how a song can almost do a full circle in styles, by various remixes and covers. Grammy-Awarded Jack Ü‘s amazing single “Where are you now”, which originally features Justin Bieber, started as a stripped back piano ballad before being manipulated by Skrillex and Diplo and turned into one of the hottest dance tracks of the year.

In the cover version of Swedish trio Ember Island, the dance spirit fades away to give some room to sweetness and intimacy . But with the rework of rising producer Jimny, the track takes, again, another turn: the slower version gets back to the floor! The band and the producer both tap into the vulnerability of the lyrics while giving back to the dancefloor what belongs to the dancefloor! Listen to Jimny‘s amazing remix, which transforms the song from a dancefloor filler to a catchy tearjerker!

Vanessa Elisha – Out Of Time

In November, we were presenting you singer-songwriter Vanessa Elisha and her amazing track chill-trap R&B song “Out Of Time“, produced by XXYYXX. Now, there is a video to go with it!

XXYYXX shares “Red”, produces “Out Of Time” for Vanessa Elisha

Twenty years old electronic music producer XXYYXX released earlier this month “Red”, another gem that is totally out of time and out of space. And the artist is generous as he lets you the choice: you can download the track for free or purchase it on iTunes.