Vitesse X pivots to dream pop in shimmering new single “Realize”

Vitesse X‘s “Realize” is out on Music Website.

Not too long ago, Vitesse X announced the end of one era while simultaneously heralding the beginning of another – echoing her November tweets where she hinted at two albums in the works. This week, the New York-based producer finally unveiled “Realize,” the first taste of an upcoming suite of dream pop songs. Fans of Hatchie will surely embrace her hazy new sound.

“Realize is my open letter to the narcissist,” she explains. “It’s a commentary on something I’ve witnessed time and time again, a tragedy that has filled me with both rage and heartbreak. I used this song as a means to finally express everything I’ve wanted to say over these years – that no amount of fame and fortune will ever heal the void they perpetuate, and this is a truth they will eventually have to confront.”

Watch the video, shot on 16mm and directed by Màn Rán Studio, below.