Vivienxo creates a flush of break-up emotions in single “TTYN”

It’s refreshing how Russian-born Victoria Zolotukhina, or Vivienxo, is approaching her newest single “TTYN.” This electronic-pop track, co-produced by Femme En Fourrure, is full of blatant thoughts on relationships and break-ups and the process from beginning to end.

She doesn’t hold back during her chorus where she blames her subject of being just another “Fuck Boy.” Harsh much? Not at all… According to Vivienxo, she speaks on mustering up self-love and picking up the pieces of dignity and pride at the time of a break-up. This is a reality we all may need to hear every once in a while. Her single inspires and proves the reality that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and plenty of fuck boys to go along with them. Vivienxo explains:

The refrain “I thought you were special” is the punchline, where you realize that despite all this self-aggrandizement there’s still an underline of hope of a real human connection, that never came to be and a certain type of melancholy and disappointment.

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Clarissa Meneses

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