Watch choreographed video for TR/ST’s new single “Destroyer”

Canadian artist TR/ST shares today his brand video for “Destroyer”, the second single taken from his upcoming LP due out in 2018.

TR/ST is the musical project of Toronto artist Robert Alfons. He already shared a new single earlier this year, “Bicep“, and unveils today another track and video, “Destroyer”. The visuals were choreographed by Ryan Heffington who is also starring for the first time ever. Heffington is notably famous for his work on Sia’s “Chandelier”, amongst others. In a way, TR/ST‘s “Destroyer” can be seen as a continuity of his previous single, which was an illustration of the fight between accepting and refusing shame.

About the video, Ryan Heffington explained:

TR/ST’S thrilling track DESTROYER induced a feeling of uplifting mourning that inspired movements implying a last ditch effort to save a relationship. Joy remembered, self reflection and turmoil manifested in gestures that lie upon Robbie’s ungulating rhythms and vox set upon the backdrop of a familiar location – home for most of us that created this piece – the streets of Silver Lake, LA.

Watch TR/ST‘s striking Justin Tyler Close-directed video for “Destroyer” via Nowness

About his upcoming new LP, the artist detailed:

this album, written at an isolated farmhouse in rural Canada, is about the journey of a man—essentially a narcissist—fighting with ideas of impurity and worthlessness.” But it is also, he continues, about “expressing our own sexual fantasies.

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