Watch Elisa Coia revisit Western myth in her new video “Morning Again”

If you don’t know Elisa Coia yet, then you’re probably missing one of the best synth-pop EPs of 2017. But here is her new video, “Morning Again”, so now you can catch up!

Singer-Songwriter Elisa Coia is probably one of the most overlooked acts of 2017. Her EP “Morning Again”, which was self-released in June 2017, did not get all the attention it deserves and by releasing her new video, we can write a few words about it. The EP notably features the excellent “You Can Wear The Mink” that you can (re-)discover below or watch the video there.

Yesterday, Elisa Coia released her new video, “Morning Again”, that she co-wrote and directed with Pat Shahabian. If the track has a lovely sound, the meaning of the video that comes with it is not that innocent. Indeed, dressed as a cowgirl, the artist is revisiting America’s ‘Western films’ myth while addressing gun violence issue. About those visuals, she detailed:

It seemed only fitting that the visual should pay homage to Western films – a genre that celebrates gun-slinging violence in a classic American setting.

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