Watch Men I Trust’s new video documentary about Jessy Caron

A German film crew, leaded by director Sönke Schal, made a (real?) documentary centered around Men I Trust songwriter Jessy Caron.

Men I Trust are by far one of our favourite bands. On top of their excellent groovy music and their unique visual style, the Montreal trio command respect for their incredible success as a self-made band. So it’s no wonder we were happy to find a new video documentary this weekend on their YouTube page.

Shot in early 2022, the 17 minute-long video follows founding member Jessy Caron in the USA, Canada and Germany. Although the video is titled Music Documentary 2022, Caron mainly talks about fly fishing, tries to get a dream job at Bass Pro Shops, hangs out with his cousin and then gets lost in the nature, causing concern to his friends and relatives. It all starts like a real documentary, but things soon take a turn for the bizarre. What’s real? What’s fake? Is he making fun of us? Why am I stupidly smiling while watching? Anyway, better to watch and judge by yourself.

Stream Men I Trust‘s recent single “Hard to Let Go” (and our other favourite tracks of the year- in our Best of 2022 playlist, or via Bandcamp below.

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