Watch Samantha Urbani’s new 80s-inspired video ‘Go Deeper’

With ‘Go Deeper’, Samantha Urbani unveils another 80’s MTV video pastiche.

In the wake of her previous dives into 90’s and 80’s pop music with her band Friends, Samantha Urbani takes the whole revival fascination a step further, with a self-directed video alternating blurry auras in the dark with slow-mo wet hair.

Although the track could suffer an over-the-top dedication to nostalgia, it is somehow saved by a chorus with jazzier chord progressions, hinting at sounds like St Germain‘s or Groove Armada‘s. The surprising voice placement and the Twin-Peaksian ending also contribute to making the song more interesting than what appears at first glance, but there is still a long way to go for her to reach the bottom of it all.

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