⚡ O-SHiN’s organic and genre-bending debut single is indeed “A Revelation”

Upon seeing the barn this song was recorded in, you would not expect newcomer O-SHiN to sound anything like it


Jordan Rakei prooves he has the groove on ‘Nerve’

While Jordan Rakei can definitely get some groove on the mic, he often feels the need to fill his songs

Fins Ara Alone

Fins Ara turns loneliness into beauty with ‘Alone’

It’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd when you are a high-pitched, gospel-leaning male folk singer.

idesia ain't over video

idesia’s new single ‘Ain’t Over’ is a beautiful collaborative project

Electronic soul band idesia’s new single ‘Ain’t Over’ is a collaborative project between Chicago-based vocalist Sophie Dimitroff, LA-based producer Daniel

Cape Francis Iditarod

Cape Francis lets some room to his lonely folk singer side on ‘Idatarod’

Discover Cape Francis‘s debut solo track “Idatarod”. For his first track post-Stone Cold Fox, Kevin Olken Henthorn aka Cape Francis


Natalie Green – Natalie Green Is My Lover

With his first EP, ‘Natalie Green Is My Lover’, the eponymous – and male – artist Natalie Green brings together

Samantha Urbani Go Deeper

Watch Samantha Urbani’s new 80s-inspired video ‘Go Deeper’

With ‘Go Deeper’, Samantha Urbani unveils another 80’s MTV video pastiche. In the wake of her previous dives into 90’s


Interview: How Tuxedo’s love for funk music shaped their album “Tuxedo II”

With Summers getting warmer every year, it has become harder and harder to keep up with the weather partywise. Thankfully,