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After “Get My Bang”, Wild Beasts just shared a new video for a song taken from their upcoming new album. The video of “Big Cat”, the opening track of the follow-up to 2014’s “Present Tense”, was directed by Pablo Maestres.

The video notably deals with privacy and surveillance as some hidden cameras appear everywhere and some members of the bands are trying to spy someone at home through slightly tinted windows. There is also an animal conceit that could represent people hungry for the power. Finally, Wild Beasts and Maestres interrogate the use of commercials and political propaganda.


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Big cat, top of the food chain
(You can look)
Big cat on top
(But don’t touch)

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In a press release, forefront singer Hayden Thorpe said in a press release:

“It marked a breakthrough in the writing process for the album, defining the swagger and attitude that would come to shape Boy King. He is all powerful, but at what price?”

The song, like “Get My Bang“, is driven by a sound that is quite new for the band. The previous single did not have the expected effect on us. Maybe we needed time to get used to this new funky vibes. Anyway… “Big Cat” is more confident and solid. Indeed, the track offers an interesting game of layers that turns it into a smoothly rousing gem. The chorus is catchy and Thorpe‘s falsettos are once again doing their part of the job.

Wild Beasts successfully train the funk in their smoothly rousing gem “Big Cat”

Wild Beasts have also announced an album release event that will happen on August 10 at Baby’s All Right. They will also be on tour and play in Brussels on October 12 (Botanique). Get your tickets here and check for their full itinerary on their website.

You can already pre-order “Boy King”, listen to it on our daily-updated Spotify playlist and connect with Wild Beasts on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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