Wolf & Moon’s Stefanie celebrates adventure with her featured mixtape

Today, Stefanie of Wolf & Moon takes control of our deck to celebrate travels and mobility. The artist, who is also known under the moniker O-SHiN, delivers an 8-track mixtape perfectly tailored for road trips and adventures.

As you might know it, we like to give carte blanche and a place of freedom of speech for female and genderqueer artists. Following up to JD Samson‘s featured mix, we welcome today Stefanie from the duo Wolf & Moon who has decided to share her passion for travels. The singer-songwriter, who is also known as O-SHiN, is one of our artists to watch in 2018. About this mixtape, she explained:

I am an artist who loves the musical and the visual part of it. I write all different kind of songs, have two music projects that I fully go for and I love to experiment with visuals and photography. I started of as a solo artist almost 8 years ago, which was quite successful in the Netherlands. In 2015 i decided to quit that project because I felt like I was grown out of it. Shortly after Dennis and I started the band Wolf & Moon. Mainly because we love to make music when we travel. It’s a different experience when you travel and play gigs, you meet different people and experience unpredicted things. I always have a hard time with the question “where are you from”…. I don’t like to commit myself to one country or nationality. If i could I would change my passport to “European citizen” as my nationality because I think that describes it the best (until one day I maybe wanna live on another continent). I have spend lots of time in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

Listen to the mixtape via MixCloud below, SoundCloud and as usual, it is also available for free download. Check the tracklist at the bottom of the page.

Wolf & Moon are a brand new duo comprised of Stefanie and Dennis. Last Summer, they decided to get married in their own festival and the nomadic electronic folk-pop duo has also travelled through the world to find inspirations and to share amazing visuals for their songs. Since the release of their debut track “Garden of Potential” in July 2017, the travelling duo has been working on their full debut album and already released the “Frames EP” last November. Listen to “Garden of Potential” and “Home To Me” below.

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Liv – wings of love

Feist – Pleasure

Hundred Waters – Murmur

Cat power – Cherokee

Nao – Inhale Exhale

Banks – Warm Water

Camille – Ta douleur

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

Santigold – Lights Out

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