Wy share the title track of their sophomore album “Softie”

Wy‘s new album Softie is out April 30 on Hybris.

A few weeks after their nervous comeback single “Pavements“, Swedish indie pop duo Wy are unveiling today the second single and title track of their upcoming sophomore album.

Just like the rest of the project, “Softie” was inspired by the turbulence of human existence and by Ebba‘s experience of being bipolar. Thematically, it’s a logical follow-up to “Pavements” as the song was dealing with depression and starting by “who the hell made me like this?”. Sonically softer around the edges, the aptly named “Softie” remains a disconcertingly raw testimony loaded with vulnerability and a willingness of trying to become a better person. About the track, they detailed:

‘Softie’ is an attempt at proving that there is more than one way of being a functional human being. The album is about coping, growing out of your fears, learning how to distance yourself from your anxieties and the ups and downs that come with being bipolar. ‘Softie’ is ultimately about releasing the pressure off of yourself and we want to encourage our listeners to do the same.

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