Xoller faces a consuming longing in melancholic track “Diamond In My Head”

“Diamond In My Head” is the title track from Xoller‘s new EP, which is out today.

Known as one half of New York dreamwave duo PROM, Ella Zoller is now going solo under the moniker Xoller. Based in Los Angeles since 2017 (with roots in Brooklyn, Delaware, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Massachusetts), the dream-pop and electronic artist has just self-released her debut EP, which was inspired by the elegant croon of Frank Sinatra, the gospel-tinged vibes of Elvis, the nonchalance of Lana Del Rey and the mysterious spleen of Beach House. Earlier this year, the artist already captivated us with the Homeric video of “Loom“, in which she was finding beauty in love and loss.

Taken from her brand new EP, and co-written with and produced by Taylor Lawhon of Mating Ritual, “Diamond In My Head” follows the same pattern: wistful vocals, oneiric arrangements and lyrics about consuming passions. About the origins of the track, she stated:

“Diamond In My Head” is the song that plays in your head at the party when you see someone standing in the doorway that you’d like to get to know a little bit better. If the rest of the EP depicts different aspects of love, this track goes right for the bedroom. A straightforward depiction of romanticized lust, Diamond In My Head is a nod to that part of our hearts that won’t rest until it gets what it wants.

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