Yaeji and her dog star in video for new single “easy breezy”

Yaeji‘s “easy breezy” is out via XL Recordings.

A few months after the release of her debut album, With a Hammer, Yaeji just returned with a one-off single. “‘Easy Breezy’ feels like a sequel that weaves a thread through my past releases (and my past selves),” stated the electronic musician. “Sonically, the song connects a thread between me now and me back in middle school —when I discovered bossa nova, drum and bass, and house through Korean and Japanese pop electronica. “easy breezy” is a thread, a tribute, a recollection of memories, and an encouraging push for us to bring forth change with courage and laughter. we hold the power in our hands, and we should never doubt that. change is now.”

The track also comes with a self-directed video, in which Yaeji and her dod ride a scooter in Brooklyn.