Yellow House deals with mental health and appetite for excess in “Heaven Knows”

“Heaven Knows” is the first single off of Yellow House’s sophomore EP titled “Sermon on Desire” and due out on May 18.

Named after Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting of the Yellow House and maybe hinting at Grizzly Bear‘s second studio album, Yellow House is the music moniker of South African multi-instrumentalist and multi-media artist Emile van Dango. The 23-year-old artist caught our attention back in 2016 with his tracks “Control” and “Better Views.”

As the artist detailed, his new EP is “Sermon on Desire” an album that “chronicles the spiritual battle between light and dark” and this duality can already be felt in the first single “Heaven Knows.” “How can I be so young, But feel so used?” sings the artist on a groovy tune loaded with dreamy and lo-fi RnB touches. About the single, which comes in the form of a lyric video, Yellow House detailed:

‘Heaven Knows’ is a symbolic representation of my life throughout the process of writing this album. It details the viscous cycle of mental health paired with an appetite for excess. It tells a story of a man desperate to maintain his natural devotion toward the light, yet met with the demons of his physical reality around every corner.

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