YellowStraps unveil “Idle Talk”, the last track off of their new “Blame” EP

Belgian trio YellowStraps have finally shared their new EP “Blame” on Majsetic Casual and unveiled at the same time “Idle Talk,” the last single from their 4-track project.

Comprising of siblings Yvan and Alben Murenzi, as well as Raphael Starkier, YellowStraps are one of the most exciting acts of the Belgian scene at the moment. Following up on the VYNK-assisted single “Blame,” the new song “Idle Talk” continues the storytelling and explores how far a relationship can go wrong until it breaks down altogether. About the track, YellowStraps stated:

It is the finality of the EP. The finality of the story. The finality of the situation at the end of ‘Blame’ (it’s only, you cut the wires…)

YellowStraps will share the Botanique‘s stage with Ulysse and Otzeki on May 3 for Les Nuits 2018 festival.

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