Yergurl propels Outkast’s masterpiece “Hey Ya” high in the sky

“hey ya” is taken from Yergurl‘s debut EP, Love Bite, out today on Future Classic.

Covering a masterpiece or a perfect track is always a risky task and, very often, artists fail to reach the level of the original. Yet, Future Classic new signee, Yergurl, decided to take up the challenge, and not an easy one: covering one of the best songs of the 2000s: Outkast‘s “Hey Ya”. Putting the flamboyant psychedelic-folk-hop twang on the side, the Victoria singer considers the track from another perspective, preferring a languid and cosmic production bedroom instead. This mix of melancholy and nostalgy actually resonates with the original meaning of the song, which was a carpe diem message dedicated to all the couples who stay together just because of tradition. In André 3000 own words: “Fuck it. Live life, you know?”

“hey ya” is the closing track of Yergurl‘s debut EP, which also features the pure pop swagger “Girls Like Me“. Listen below.

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