Yergurl unleashes pure pop swagger “Girls Like Me”

“Girls Like Me” is taken from yergurl‘s new EP, Love Bite, out September 13 via Future Classic.

Born Fae Scott 19 years ago in rural Australia, yergurl is one of Future Classic’s most promising new signings. A producer, singer, and songwriter, Scott was a finalist in the last stages of an emerging artists competition by acclaimed radio station Triple J, and she is now getting ready to release her debut EP Love Bite.

yergurl has just put out “Girls Like Me”, a straight-up pop banger that sees her channelling some of Charli XCX’s most straightforward work. A classic swaggery pop song about, well, being cooler than them other girls, “Girls Like Me” would be an instant hit had it been released by a big profile artist. Even the song’s most debatable lyrics (“She’s not a girl like me / and she’ll never be / cause she’s mainstream”) come off as charming and endearing. “Girls Like Me” is a hooky and silly pop song, and there is always space in this world for hooky and silly pop songs.

The first single off the EP boasts production chops from half of yet another promising Australian act, Simon Lam from electronic duo Kllo. The instrumental is fairly raw, featuring simple synthetic drum beats and functional synths that never try to steal the spotlight from Scott. There is some cool harmonic work going on, particularly during the verses, but in the end this is all about the chorus. It doesn’t worm its way into your memory, it bangs it until it’s all you can sing. Love Bite is out on September 13th, so keep your eyes peeled for more yergurl material in the next few days.

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