Yeule’s dreamy post-pop single “Pocky Boy” adresses gender stereotypes

Yeule‘s new single “Pocky Boy” is out now on Zoom Lens.

In between Singapore and London, producer and model Yeule cratfs imaginary landscapes and dreamy reflections. On her new single “Pocky Boy”, the artist reminds us of Negative Gemini and Yaeji. According to her post-pop label Zoom Lens, her ambient, bedroom-trance was produced with the itention of addressing “subculture phenomena and the media’s warped intentions of consumer goods… for example, the kawaii / feminine / cute taste associated with the culture of Pocky.” Are pocky only made for women? About her track, Yeule added:

There are six boys on the bleachers sharing a box of pocky. They are watching me walk by and I hear their crunching intensify. They bite hard into the pocky, some using their teeth to scrape the chocolate off the long, crunchy biscuit. They say nothing but continue to eat from the tiny little box when two of them accidentally touches hands while reaching into it. They look at each other… sweating.

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