⚡ Sabrina Claudio dedicates a love song to herself in “Belong to You”

Self-love has an abundance of faces. Its many challenges and many truths can make someone feel so vulnerable and so unequivocally aware of their own persona. Sabrina Claudio, an LA based singer-songwriter from Miami has released her newest single, “Belong to You.”

As her sound of mellow R&B flows within her mesmerizing harmonies, her song caresses you in a way that makes you want to listen to the track on repeat. In her lyrics, she’s talking to herself about loving herself in a beautiful and vibrant selfish way.

When the word “selfish” becomes something to admire and most should not be afraid of. Without judgment, without heartbreak, the idea of unrequited love is now a forgotten battle. There are so many artists that write on their experiences with dual love. Where there is person to person contact, admiration and reverence, but what about singularly, love to yourself? Sabrina Claudio speaks out on just that. Although it may seem as if she’s speaking to another person, she’s speaking solely to herself as she explains it:

In the song, it seems as if I’m speaking to a partner, but what I wanted to do with the video is make you understand that I’m talking to myself. There are so many mirrors in the video and I wanted to make sure that people understood it was a love song to myself.

For Sabrina Claudio in her video for “Belong To You”, feeling yourself is not only being confident but also showcasing it.

Aside from the track itself, the visuals in her music video have strengthened her sensual aesthetic even greater. In the video, she is beautiful and effortless as she surrounds herself with mirrors where she speaks to herself in her reflection. She caresses her body and feels herself as she sinks deeper into self-love. She changes from many different bright and glamorous pieces of clothing. Her attire ranging from silver to gold, to gold in her bare skin, she looks as she feels, confident in her body, expressing her sensuality to herself in the mirror. Everyone has danced in front of a mirror to themselves at least once on their life times, whether before you go out, trying on different outfits, before you go to bed and doing so, it provides strength and admiration all within your own skin. The term “feeling myself,” now has a double meaning. Feeling yourself is being confident, and showcasing it; another meaning to self-love.

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