January 2016

Throwing Shade – hashtag IRL

This could have been a Kim Kardashian-West song if she was talented enough to create a song. Instead this song was created by Nabihah Iqbal AKA Throwing Shade, a London based artist signed under Ninja Tune. She released her track “hashtag IRL”, first cut of her forthcoming EP under that label where she mocks the new concepts behind every Internet interaction

Tourist – To Have You Back (Video)

A few days ago we talked to you about the release of Tourist’s debut album “U” that you should be out this spring and the release of his first track “To Have You Back”. He has now shared a minimalist full of metaphors video via Nowness

AMTHST – Thug Passion

After a huge comeback of future R&B, it was about time for Trip-Hop to make a comeback and it is the hands of AMTHST to do it. The duo is formed by Nite Jewel and Droop-E who have already collaborated in the past, and have now shared their first track as a duo called “Thug Passion” where both get to share their strengths : smooth eerie vibes with a touch of old-school hip-hop


Mute Records are known for putting great bright bands into their catalog and they have now added a new one called Luh who have released their first track under their name called “I&I” and it is one of the most exciting pieces of art that we have heard in a while, putting a lot of intensity in one single track. Imagine a pissed off Sigur Rós and there you have LUH

Suuns announce third LP “Hold/Still”, share new single “Translate”

Montreal-based rock band Suuns (pronounce it “soons”, and it translates as “zeroes” in Thai) will release a new album this year. After their 2015’s collaborative project with Jerusalem In My Heart, the four-piece band will share their third LP “Hold/Still” on April 15 via Secretly Canadian. As part of that announcement, here is the first single “Translate”, and the video that goes with it.

TEEN – Please


First and foremost, TEEN is a family.

Sisters Teeny, Lizzie and Katherine Lieberson and their honorary sibling Boshra AlSaadri have been making music together for a while now. They’ve been doing it as a family does, sharing parts of the same world in ways that are both personal and universal. “Please”, the third cut from their forthcoming third album “Love Yes”, is definitely one of those parts.

Rina Sawayama – Where U Are

Last summer we talked about London based artist/model Rina Sawayama and her dreamy track “Tunnel Vision and we were incredibly seduced by her voice and her sweet way of bringing music. She is now back with a new track called “Where U Are” proving once again her innate talent

Rosie Lowe – Woman

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Rosie Lowe who recently announced her debut album “Control” and shared a beautiful video (as usual) for her single “Woman”. The song is currently #8 of our HighClouds30.