TEEN – Please


First and foremost, TEEN is a family.

Sisters Teeny, Lizzie and Katherine Lieberson and their honorary sibling Boshra AlSaadri have been making music together for a while now. They’ve been doing it as a family does, sharing parts of the same world in ways that are both personal and universal. “Please”, the third cut from their forthcoming third album “Love Yes”, is definitely one of those parts.

Pensive and restrained, “Please” is a decided change from the buoyancy of the first two singles, “All About Us” and “Tokyo“. Written in the middle of a frozen winter, the song sets to music Lizzie‘s thoughts and regrets about her relationship with her late father. The mood is aptly contemplative and the pace slow and calm, as if layers of snow had fallen between the notes and muffled their sounds. The quietness doesn’t lessen the gorgeousness of the song. On the contrary, it enhances it and fills its mourning synths and slight strings with white magic. It’s like walking outside on very cold day, and the icy air knives your lungs but the world keeps being enchanting in its coat of cold beauty and you are moved. If your eyes do get watery, you can blame in on the freezing weather. But please, let “Please” touch you anyway.

“Love Yes” is out February 19th via Carpark Records.

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