Airhockey share purifying and soothing new track “The Signs”

Miami suburbanite dream-pop quartet Airhockey return with their third single “The Signs”.

Following on from their deceptively dark study of the inner workings and mysteries of the mind, Airhockey are back with yet another bittersweet slice of dream-pop. When speaking of the origins of “The Signs” and its inspiration, Sebastian Hidalgo commented:

‘The Signs’ is about not wanting to accept change. Life is always evolving but it’s hard to deal with certain realities, especially when there is comfort in consistency… In my experience, I have found that even wanted change, such as love or achievement, still cause internal conflicts within me. Ultimately, we have to come to terms with what we choose for ourselves, and this song is my reflection on that.

Much like the vibes built on “hidden by the sun“, “The Signs” possesses the same kind of dichotomous and misleading nature that’s fast becoming a staple of Airhockey’s music. Here, this is seen in the breezy and feather-light synth that is hinged around and coupled with an oddly menacing guitar riff. The guitar seems pensive and solemn, ringing out across the track with a contemplative tone.

All of this is accentuated by Sebastian Hidalgo’s distorted, near whispered vocals that seep into the swirling mass of sound. If Hidalgo’s vocal range and impressive tone evoke tangled dream worlds and private landscapes, “The Signs” offers the listener a peek into a truth that seems deeply affecting to the singer.

Despite its troubling subject matter and focus on change, “The Signs” is purifying and calming. The sounds of either a breeze or the waves that permeate the closing 30 seconds of the track just helps aid with this feeling of catharsis. It acts as a palette cleanser, washing over the listener refreshingly, before allowing the synths to ease out into oblivion. Listen below.

Rachel Chandler

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