amateur theatre group shares sparse and soothing new song “agitator”

amateur theatre group’s new double single “bloom / agitator” is out now.

Although mainly performed, recorded and produced by Andrew James Murphy, amateur theatre group is an open collective which also exists thanks to the contribution of other talents, such as brothers Davy and Iain Berryman. Their minimalist brand of music, with dreamy vocals and gentle guitars, sounds as delicate and evanescent as a whisper, which makes it reminiscent of both Liz Harris‘ slowcore project Grouper and The Dawdler. Following the release of “bloom,” amateur theatre group just unveiled “agitator,” a track with a surprising title considering its soothing power. Composed from his current home among the peaks of the Welsh countryside during a year of change for Murphy, the sparse song in chiaroscuro evokes some dark times but also glimmers of hope.