Annie shares dystopian synth-pop track “The Bomb”

“The Bomb” is taken from Annie‘s forthcoming album Dark Hearts, out October 16.

Annie was on a hiatus since the release of her amazing Endless Vacation EP back in 2015, but the Norwegian pop star recently came back to the centre of the stage with a new track, “American Cars,” and the promise of a new album. Titled Dark Hearts, the project was made in collaboration with The Sound of ArrowsStefan Storm and is described as “the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist.”

Like the lead single, “The Bomb” is dreamy and cinematic. “We wanted to do a song that was not a straight-up pop song but had a bit of melodrama,” she explained to The Line Of Best Fit. “I guess it’s a combination of the world we live in at the moment. You read the news … and it’s all a bit too much. It makes you wonder if you’ll wake up and realize if it was all a dream!”. Peppered with ‘SOS’ and driven by an urgent beat, the apocalyptic track also features some dialogues from the 1988 nuclear war thriller Miracle Mile.