Ariel tackles the ruthlessness of the music industry in elated “In-And-Out”

Ariel‘s new single “In-And-Out” is out now on Sloth League.

British singer-songwriter Ariel is back with a third single named “In-An-Out” and the indie pop artist who studied at London’s Purcell music school tune impresses with her meticulous collages and songwriting. Ariel has recently escaped the crowded life of London and relocated to Guernsey where she found a peaceful creative space, as she detailed it in an interview with Noisey. Her paradoxically playful song “In-And-Out” actually focuses on the consequences of the unfeeling music industry. With its teeming back vocals and sizzling details, the euphoric pop tune captures the fuss of a distressed mind trying to fight against exacerbated consumerism. Tune in below.

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