Ariel unleashes horny quarantine bop “PARTY LINE (DIAL IN)”

Ariel‘s new single, “PARTY LINE (DIAL IN),” is out now.

Hailing from the Channel Islands, Ariel is a DIY singer-songwriter and producer who already caught our attention with her bangers “in-n-out” and “dream team.” After a long silence, the artist has decided to take advantage of her lockdown to release a brand new bop. Self-written and produced at home while experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, the massive “PARTY LINE (DIAL IN)” is all about fever, but not the one you might think of.

“Feeling pretty alone and confused in week 2 of quarantine like the rest of the planet, I ended up having phone sex with a guy at 9am on a tuesday morning,” she explained. “And then [I] wrote what started out as a bit of a joke song about it. I can’t have been very good at it though because he unfollowed me later that day. I also can’t for the life of me remember his name but I’m grateful for the inspiration mate even if the experience was below average.”

100% of proceeds for 2020 will be going to domestic abuse charity REFUGE so don’t repress yourself and stream that in loop.