Bathe explore the most sensitive sides of masculinity with “Kimmi”

Bathe‘s self-released new song “Kimmi” is out now.

Following up on their impressive debut single “Sure Shot“, Bathe are back with a silky and groovy new track that defines a bit more their surf R&B aesthetic. Indeed, the duo comprising singer-songwriter Devin Hobdy and guitarist-producer Corey Smith-West blurs once again the lines between indie and R&B with a freshness and an ease reminiscent of Blood Orange and Frank Ocean.

Like them, they also don’t hesitate to explore the most sensitive and vulnerable sides of masculinity. With the romantic and introspective “Kimmi”, the boys try to understand why their one-night stand didn’t lead to something serious, turning the song into “an opportunity for all of us to make peace with the unknown in our interpersonal relationships.” Listen below.

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