Bayuk and Wolfskind confront heartbreak on “Overdose”

The Berlin-based duo, Bayuk and Wolfskind, give a first taste of their upcoming EP with “Overdose.”

The new partnership between Berlin-based artists Bayuk and Wolfskind is hitting the ground sprinting with the release of “Overdose,” the first track off of their imminent EP. This meeting of the minds might seem like an unconventional partnership: Bayuk has created a name for himself with emotionally lyrical tracks such as “Haaappiiiiiiiiiiiiinneeeeezz” and “Old June” whereas Wolfskind has built a reputation making his way around your favorite R&B circles with his inimitable beats. However, it’s this collision of disparate creativity energies that makes their project something sonically unprecedented.

“Overdose” is sparsely executed, featuring Bayuk on guitar and vocals, Wolfskind providing the beat and some backup harmonies, and the same simple lyrical refrain over and over. Still, this lack of complexity should not be confused for a lack of depth. The song is deeply emotional, with Bayuk singing in his trademark baritone, “I think I overdosed on you / Time to let loose.” “Overdose” is not exactly a love song and not exactly a breakup song– the perfect relationship track for those who find themselves in a romantically ambiguous situation.

In a statement released with this single, Bayuk and Woflskind promise an EP that will “tell stories of a city life melancholy, the troubles of long-distance-love and the search for something like home.” Though this may seem like a formidable hill of tough topics to tackle, “Overdose” exemplifies the pair’s ability to create quietly affecting tracks that cut deep. This collaboration between Bayuk and Wolfskind seems like the start of a beautiful friendship.

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