Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Jensen Sportag, with the glimmery “Beige”

The iconic duo Jensen Sportag returns from a decade away with A New Anthology, and a groovy new single, “Beige,” released via Cascine.

I don’t know anyone who feels caught up with music right now. And just as much as fans feel the pressure to consume, artists wobble under the pressure to create. While we live in an incredible time of technological innovation and social communication, it’s lately felt like some of the care, thoughtfulness, and joy of music making and listening has taken a backseat role.

It’s refreshing, then, to listen to a release like Jensen Sportag‘s A New Anthology, slated to come out early next month. The record is 12 tracks, handpicked from a treasure trove of 150 homemade, unpublished demos by Cascine owner Jeff Bratton. If you can’t quite place Jensen Sportag, that’s because they’ve been on a hiatus since 2013, following a flurry of critical success, performances with the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Girl Talk, and their debut LP Stealth of Days. The group– composed of old high school friends turned longtime and prolific collaborators—took a step back to pause, all while recording music to form this impressive and mighty glut of unreleased material.

Wilkinson and Craig grew up together in Tennessee, and there’s a sense of love and familiarity that only comes from friends messing around that emanates from every Jensen Sportag release. When compounding this dynamic with the curation expertise of Bratton, the resulting album is just plain good. It’s a triumphant return—no, a homecoming—from a group that is constantly surprising and delighting without feeding into riffraff or gimmicks.

This makes it all seem sober and serious, but A New Anthology is as fun, funky, and fresh as Jensen Sportag‘s previous releases. “Beige,” the latest single from the project, premiering today exclusively on HighClouds, is a prime example of everything that makes Jensen Sportag worth dancing to. The track makes this clear from its first sputters, opening with a soft knocking and glimmery synth which quickly collides into the bouncing beat, smooth guitar, and grooving keys that form the body of “Beige.”

The lyrics are casually lovelorn, portraying a relationship that has just never been able to find solid footing. This story is told through vocals that unfurl like a fan, sometimes presenting as one tone and other times expressed through a chorus of voices. Like their prior releases, Jensen Sportag sounds like a Scandinavian version of Cut Copy or a more chilled out Hot Chip—Made even funnier by the fact that the music is made by two guys from Southern America. Take it from us, “Beige” is a true delight, and just one track from the album that is certain to be your chill & groove go-to for months to come.

Listen to the previously released single “Zaeta” below.

Claire Greising