Beauty Queen declares her love in radiant new track “Two Of Us”

Beauty Queen‘s new track, “Two Of Us,” is out now on pronoun‘s label Sleep Well Records.

Following up on “Sweet Memory,” Maui-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Katie Iannitello, better known as Beauty Queen, shares “Two Of Us,” another track written and produced with the band Tennis in their Denver, Colorado home studio. Brimming with nostalgia and a certain determination, the radiant song is nothing else than a declaration of love, just on time to celebrate the return of spring. It also comes with a Budd Diaz-directed video in complete harmony with Katie‘s tongue-in-cheek humour.

“This music video was an absolute blast to make. If all my future videos could be Sasquatch based, I would be pleased,” Beauty Queen stated. “It’s two Sasquatches on their ‘day out’ where they shave and go out in the world. Huge thank you to Budd Diaz and his team and the actors involved for making this happen!”