Billie Eilish creates another pop masterpiece titled “Watch”

The young and dazzling LA artist Billie Eilish has released one of her best newest tracks titled “Watch.”

This mellow and pop infused track is full of heartbreak and self healing to which many can relate to. Her music speaks through her experiences and it brings those past events to life. In creating a lyrical, pop masterpiece, Eilish brought along her 19-year old brother to produce “Watch.” Her youth is fueling her craft and it is definitely incredible to watch her as she rises alongside the greats.

As Billie Eilish explains:

The song is about letting go of someone toxic and moving on. Setting your ex’s car on fire is a pretty horrible thing to do… but I can think of worse things.

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Bonus: You can listen to her other two new tracks “idontwannabeyouanymore” and “COPYCAT”.

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