Bleach Lab announce debut EP, share bitter lead single “Old Ways”

“Old Ways” is taken from Bleach Lab‘s debut EP, A Calm Sense of Surrounding, out March 19.

Originally coming from Buckinghamshire, South London-based indie pop quartet Bleach Lab have announced the release of their debut EP, which explores the five stages of grief, from denial to acceptance. Bassist Josh Longman, who recently lost his dad, and singer Jenna Kyle, who ended a long relationship, both collaborated on the lyrics.

Deciphering an old relationship, the lead single, “Old Ways,” is definitely anchored in anger. “You told a lie, you will regret it,” sings Kyle with an impulsive bitterness. “‘Old Ways’ explores the angry side of the grieving process at the end of a relationship,” adds the singer. “Anger towards the way in which they treated you but also towards oneself for still missing them regardless”.