Blue Hawaii share live video for “Trust”

“Trust” is taken from Blue Hawaii‘s new album, Open Reduction Internal Fixation, out on Arbutus.

Canadian electronic pop duo Blue Hawaii released a brand new album a few months ago. Following up to the singles “All That Blue,” “All The Things,” and “Still I Miss U,” they have now unveiled a live video for their ethereal dance track “Trust”. The visuals were actually shot during their album release party which took place in Montreal on November 2. About the concept of the video, they explained:

The idea was to capture the feeling of being at a Blue Hawaii show, one which constantly tests the limits of a traditional concert. It pushes towards an all out DJ party, but with tons of diva vocals and always with the focus always on having fun and cultivating a positive energy. The audio in the video is a mix of the album recording and live recordings from the saxophone and vocal mics during the release concert in Montreal.

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