Blue Hawaii break free from the tentacles of capitalism on “Not My Boss!”

“Not My Boss!” is taken from Blue Hawaii‘s new EP, Under 1 House, out September 25 on Arbutus Records.

Just like any other acts, dancing can be political. Following up to “I Felt Love” and “Feelin“, Blue Hawaii address love in the time of capitalism – which is worst than cholera – on “Not My Boss!”, the liberating new cut taken from their upcoming EP. “Not my boss is a song about money and the dominance it can have over our lives. It’s a proclamation to liberating ourselves from the shackles and binds of the patriarchy,” they explained on their socials. “Not my boss is a snappier way of saying ‘fuck Milton Friedman, fuck disaster capitalism, my abundance is constructed of a multitude of events and feelings, I am worth more than dollars and cents.” Watch the Jordan Minkoff-animated visuals below.

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