Blumi dives into oblique folk and spoken word with “Dresden”

“Dresden” is the first single taken from Blumi‘s sophomore EP, There is no end in me, due out in November.

A multi-instrumentalist of French and British descent, Emma Broughton aka Blumi has always shown left-of-center inclinations in her indie-folk. On her debut EP I Know About You, tracks like “The Dream” or “Blumi The Darkness” were steeped in the language of ambient music, all overarching sound layers mixed with field recordings. However, on “Dresden,” the first single from her sophomore project There is no end in me, the jazz-trained singer-songwriter dives more than ever into her experimental side. Initially a poem, the track progressively evolved into a spoken-word piece, before becoming a song. The poetic aura of the track is clearly palpable, although it’s probably the meticulously diaristic songwriting and the electronic and noise embellishments that steal the show.

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