Boyish’s new track “zodiac killer” is all about big gay sadness

Boyish‘s new single, “zodiac killer”, is out on Invertebreate.

Boyish, that another writer of HighClouds described as “dark, breathy, gay shit” in a private conversation, is a duo formed by “two very confused” 22-year-old artists, India Shore and Claire Altendhal. Since their formation in 2016, they have already achieved to attract attention as their 2018’s debut album, Carnation, got nominated for an Independent Music Award, in the alt-country category.

Following up to their indie-rock elegy “Ghost“, they’re now back with another dreamy track titled “zodiac killer”. Besides the snippets of conversation, which encapsulate the anxiety and struggles they face in their daily life, the vulnerable song boasts on a hypnotic, captivating final build-up. When asked about the track, they commented: “‘zodiac killer’ is a song about growing up while everything is going wrong, big gay sadness, and realizing that people aren’t always who you thought they were.”

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