Canty shares eerie and comforting double single “Mercy Street / Follower”

Canty‘s “Mercy Street / Follower” is out via Full Time Hobby.

Today, Canty – full name James Canty – unveiled their debut double single entitled “Mercy Street / Follower”. The enigmatic East London multi-instrumentalist artist had already caught our attention earlier this summer when they released their extraordinarily unique debut track, “Follower”. Both comforting and eerie, this dystopian ballad, “a sort of pagan love song to self-checkout cameras and facial recognition,” was created in the ominous shadow of societal decay and despair.

The B-side of the single, “Mercy Street”, also draws inspiration from the streets. The track deals with a childhood memory that Canty has in which they recall walking through the city with an adult figure. During their journey, they meet a homeless person. The adult advises young Canty never to give them money. Canty reflects on this experience: “Is there a feeling of powerlessness when someone asks you for money on the street? Is there a disconnect when we decide to either make up response to the homeless person or keep walking?”