Take a trip around Caroline Lazar’s dreamy, atmospheric “Roller Rink”

23-year-old singer-songwriter Caroline Lazar uses wit and lo-fi charm to reclaim her space on her latest single “Roller Rink”.

Caroline Lazar’s new life is just beginning, for the fourth time. Having lived and written songs in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia; the suburbs of Orlando, Florida; and a university in Miami, Caroline is now anchored in a tiny bedroom in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC, with her cat Luna. It’s from this iteration of herself that she brings us her new single “Roller Rink,” which we at HighClouds are excited to premiere for our readers before its official release tomorrow.

“Roller Rink” is deceptively simple: it begins with a dreamy, lo-fi guitar progression and Caroline Lazar’s clear, hopeful voice: “Talk about your roller rink blues / be gentle / tell me you aren’t lookin’ back / you think I’m special.” The track builds slowly in layers, adding drums and more guitar melodies and fills for a dreamy soundscape that verges on country twang at times — a nod to Caroline’s southern roots, no doubt.

She’s cheeky and relatable even as she processes the breakdown of a relationship where there wasn’t enough space for her, trying to fit herself in whatever cracks she can: “I can be your cheerleader on the side I could be your midnight snack, pizza bites / it’s alright.” As the song draws on, a nostalgic, atmospheric synth peeks through in spots, adding depth without altering the tone of the track.

About “Roller Rink,” Caroline Lazar told HighClouds:

‘Roller Rink’ tells my story of putting my own needs aside in order to fit the mold someone has set for me. When I began writing this song, I was aware but content with filling that role. However, while finishing it up I became completely fed up. I realized if this person didn’t want me as I am, they didn’t want me at all. You can hear that revelation in real time, as the mood shifts at the end of the song, and I repeatedly ask ‘Do you care if I’m okay?’

Erin Bensinger

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