Queer cowboy Jonny Gold finds their identity on “How Do You Like Me Now”

Jonny Gold’s indie-country debut “How Do You Like Me Now” is here, it’s queer, and we’re not getting over it.

Western aesthetics have been having a moment in the queer sun, through artists like Kacey Musgraves and Orville Peck. Joining the pack is Jonny Gold, a nonbinary singer-songwriter who grew up in ultra-conservative South Texas and now resides in Seattle, Washington, where they make beautifully sad cowboy music for the rest of us city slickers.

“How Do You Like Me Now” is a catchy, shimmering indie-rock banger with a southern accent. It pairs finger plucked acoustic guitars, spotless production, and self-loathing lyrics to a pitch-perfect result. The country flair comes in the subtle details, like a chorus of backing vocals, a well-timed guitar twang, or a baritone growl.

Here’s what Gold had to say about the track:

The song is an exploration of transition. Growing up poor and queer in a hyper-conservative community, I hid myself and destroyed any desire to have an identity. Self-expression and authenticity were sacrificed just to keep the peace with the dogmatic way of life that was being thrust upon me. This song isn’t just about the weight of that repression, but also about the journey to shed the weight, and become a truer, happier, more serene version of myself.

Grab your cowboy boots and/or tissues, then listen to “How Do You Like Me Now” using the player below.

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