Chloe Gallardo is bitter, then sweet on new track “Fool’s Keeper”

With “Fool’s Keeper,” Chloe Gallardo’s chill indie-pop makes longing go down smooth.

Chloe Gallardo’s debut project, the Hey Kid EP, came out as she was graduating high school in 2017. In 2020, she’s honing a new sound: sweet, dreamy indie anchored by euphoric guitar riffs, ethereal vocals, and squeaky-clean production.

“Fool’s Keeper” is her first track in almost a year. It’s smooth, lush, and groovy; a sound that belies the sadness in its lyrics. Beginning with a sample of drum machine and a dreamy guitar riff, the song layers its motifs to paint a backdrop for the SoCal singer’s longing as she sings: “Turn something into nothing / dreaming of you / She’s wrapped around your finger / what a beautiful view / of you”.

Just beneath the surface, a jazzy, muted bass provides depth, drawing comparison to Men I Trust. As the song builds, unique guitar riffs and a healthy dose of reverb fall in layers, creating a frantic, intense soundscape. In the final verse, Gallardo takes the song underwater: echoes and delay multiply, adding intrigue to the final bars of an already enthralling track.

The lyrics tackle the complicated situation of obsessing over someone you know is no good for you. By the end of the track, she’s come back to her senses: “This fool’s a dime a dozen / the vision of youth / She’s thinking he’s a keeper / I guess she’s a fool too”.

HighClouds is honoured to premiere “Fool’s Keeper” for you today. Stream it below before it goes live everywhere tomorrow.

Erin Bensinger