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Magdalena Bay Hysterical Us video

Magdalena Bay share “Hysterical Us” video ahead debut album release

“Hysterical Us” is taken from Magdalena Bay‘s debut album, Mercurial World, out this Friday on Luminelle. In a few days,

Michaelle Richer - tragique video

Michaëlle Richer introduces new projet with dreamy and throbbing “Tragique”

“Tragique” is taken from Michaëlle Richer‘s mini-album Arriver à l’heure, out November 19. In another life, Michaëlle Richer could have

laura wolf cross your mind by Rj LaRussa

Laura Wolf’s “Cross Your Mind” is playful and inventive art pop

“Cross Your Mind” is taken from Laura Wolf‘s new EP, Artifacts, out November 12. Laura Wolf is a cellist, singer,

Leesuho Omega Sapien Echo

Hip-Hop is propelled into the future in Leesuho and Omega Sapien’s “Echo”

“Echo” is taken from Leesuho‘s debut album, Monika, out October 12 via Balming Tiger. Hailing from South Korea, Leesuho has

Abby Cole Blood & Water

Abby Cole debuts eerie new track “Blood & Water”

“Blood & Water” is the third single off of Abby Cole‘s upcoming sophomore EP SEETHRU. It has been a minute

Murmur Me You video

Murmur depicts the duality of life on “Me & You”

Murmur‘s new single “Me & You” is out now. It has been a minute since Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Murmur

Miso Extra 1013

Miso Extra shares dark and laidback new track “1013”

“1013” is taken from Miso Extra‘s debut EP, Great Taste, out later this year on Beatnik Creative. London-based English-Japanese rapper,

Elodie Gervaise IMYG video

Elodie Gervaise reintroduces herself with kaleidoscopic new video “IMYG”

Elodie Gervaise‘s new track “IMYG” is taken from the Syzygy EP, out October 15. Elodie Gervaise recently released her new