CECILE BELIEVE shares video for effervescent new track “Pick Up The Phone”

“Pick Up The Phone” is taken from CECILE BELIEVE‘s debut EP, Made In Heaven, due out May 8.

Formerly known as Mozart’s Sister, Los Angeles-via-Montreal artist Caila Thompson-Hannant has now relaunched her career as CECILE BELIEVE, a new moniker which builds a bridge between bedroom pop and experimental music. After her contribution on SOPHIE‘s debut album OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES (she notably sang and co-wrote “Is It Cold in the Water?”, that we named our best track of 2018), she’s now readying the release of her debut EP, Made In Heaven. Oscillating between euphoria and sadness but always with a glimpse of hope, this project in chiaroscuro also acts as a diary documenting her path to sobriety.

Following up to her languid, impeccably produced debut single “Last Thing He Said To Me In Person,” she has now unveiled the thrilling “Pick Up The Phone”. “A friend showed me this sample of a woman singing ‘pick up the phone’ through a phone receiver, like it was a voice mail,” she explained to Nylon, where the track was premiered. “It was super infectious and it swirled around my head for a couple months. I was about 4 months sober when another friend told me a story about a desperate alcohol-fueled night of calling number after number waiting for someone to pick up. The two things clicked in my head and I wrote the song in an afternoon. Infused with its share of desperation this song is a semi-lucid cry for help. As if waking from a cocktail-induced dream (nightmare) the intro voice begins to sing inaudible words, like an alarm bell ringing for some reason you can’t remember. Slowly the words fade into focus to reveal the urgent action begged to be obeyed. Pick Up The Phone!”

Like the previous single, CECILE BELIEVE‘s “Pick Up The Phone” comes with a Zoe Chait-directed video, that you can watch below.