Fly away with City Dress’ ethereal folk song “Moon Landings”

City Dress‘ new song “Moon Landings” is out now.

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Christina Skramstad, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and Berklee alum, also known as City Dress, and her stunning track “Empires of Honey.” Skramstad has now returned with the beautifully ethereal folk song “Moon Landings,” and it is equally exquisite. Many wealthy people treat themselves to space travel these days, but who needs a rocket when you can listen to this City Dress new song?

“‘Moon Landings’ is a meditation on moments that forever change us, whether they are collective or individual,” stated Skramstad about the meaning of the track. “I wrote ‘Moon Landings’ in the early days of the pandemic after watching a show in which the characters go back in time to the night Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. It made me think about transcendence, awe, and what it feels like when the world’s collective gaze is aimed in the same direction, as that was happening in real-time with Covid. Everyone has their own personal moon landings when moving beyond their defined atmosphere through evolution or invention, challenging what they are told is binary or fixed. ‘Moon Landings’ explores what it means to be in awe of how we create new worlds, answers, and, inevitably, new problems through human ingenuity and perseverance.”