Clams Casino & Vince Staples – All Nite

Vince Staples and Clams Casino come from two different worlds. There’s no doubt that the gangsta rapper from Long Beach, California is an unlikely match for the experimental New Jersey producer. Which is why it came as such a pleasant surprise to see them working together again when their new collaborative track “All Nite” hit the internet last Thursday.

The world first caught wind of Staples as a tangential member of the Odd Future collective back in 2010. He’s come a long way since then, releasing a handful of mixtapes, an EP, and the critically acclaimed “Summertime ’06” album–which featured three songs produced by Clams Casino. Michael Volpe (the real name of Clams) made his initial splash online around the same time period, unveiling several high-profile collaborations with the likes of Lil B, A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller.

Both artists are at the top of their game on this song, with Staples starting out the track with a barrage of rhymes and seemingly having no need to stop and catch his breath. Clams complements his rapid-fire lyricism with a beat that is equal parts airy and unyielding. One of the songs most obvious selling points is the huge personality of Vince Staples. At this point, he’s nearly as well known for his hilarious witticisms as he is for his music.

Clams Casino and Vince Staples’ “All Nite” is an amazing and solid collaboration!

This song is no exception, with him joking about the relative lack of talent in his hometown, referencing Kendrick Lamar songs and making puns out of Travis Scott‘s nickname. It all acts as a strong advertisement for the upcoming Clams Casino album. Featuring Kelela, A$AP Rocky and Lil B, “32 Levels” is expected July 15th on Columbia Records. Get the track and pre-order the album on iTunes here.

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