COBRAH throws an orgy in a museum in her impressive new video “Glue”

COBRAH‘s debut EP ICON is out now on GAGBALL.

With her fetish and queer aesthetic, Swedish artist COBRAH pushes the boundaries of pop music. Besides her challenging and highly digitalized soundscapes, she has also imposed her singular visual style. Indeed, the video of her first single “IDFKA” received a well-deserved nomination at the Swedish GRAMMY. And her brand new clip, “Glue,” is also set to make waves.

Crafted in collaboration with 3D sculptor Lars Gunnar Thorell and director Erik Hellmouth, COBRAH’s new video “Glue” brings the viewer into an eerie, uncanny museum where copulating alien-like sculptures turn to life. The disconcerting video perfectly resonates with the sleazy and distorted vibes of the song. About the clip, she stated:

I wanted to bring the song to life in a semi surreal world giving it many ways to interpret it rather than revealing what the song is about. It’s more mystical that way.

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