Let Couch Prints’ synth pop track “Tell U” they’re a group to watch

Couch Prints demands a seat in the Brooklyn scene with track “Tell U”.

These days, the Brooklyn scene can feel like a slog of never-ending synthpop singles. Overwhelmed by ’80s-adjacent hooks that lead into wispy, unintelligible vocals, listeners may be searching for something beyond glittery, mailed-in, bubblegum pop. Enter Couch Prints, the newest addition to the borough’s teeming musical ecosystem. Their newest single “Tell U” will fully sate any desire for a newfound, exciting, and experimental synth-based sound.

“Tell U” sounds like the futuristic robot pop that the world has been craving. Opening electro-embellishments bleed into Brandon‘s steady, thumping keys. As the first verse builds to the euphoric chorus with the help of guitarist Jake‘s powerful guitar riffs, vocalist Jayanna sings, “What can I tell you about the cold sweet ground / Held so firm with my toes fanned out/ How could I tell you about the warm release / No truth only honestly.” A spectacularly danceable instrumental track with equally spectacular lyrics? Yes, please.

Viewing the band holistically, Couch Prints proves to be an eclectic bunch. The origin story of the song is a testament to their nomadic roots: The three got together in Paris, France; wrote the track in Denver, Colorado; and recorded the song in a demolished warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They explain how their ambulant lifestyle has affected their music, writing of the single, “The final song reflects that feeling of transience and movement and leaving the past behind; whether that’s moving homes or ending a relationship or just changing yourself day by day.” As the group finally settles down in Queens, NY, it will be interesting to see how their newfound groundedness will be injected into future releases.

For now, it’s easiest to let the lyrics of “Tell U” predict what’s in store for Couch Prints: As Jayanna sings, “Oh, the future is so bright.”

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