Discovery Zone returns with dystopian, slow-glowing ballad “Ur Eyes”

Discovery Zone‘s “Ur Eyes” is out via RVNG Intl.

Today, JJ Weihl, the New York-born, Berlin-based musician and multi-media artist behind the experimental pop project Discovery Zone, made a compelling return with “Ur Eyes.” This ethereal and languid ballad delves into an enigmatic form of metaphysical change, as if gazing at the stars. Set in a city under the dominion of a singular corporation, where perfection is a mental pursuit, the song invites us to ponder the potency and risks of undergoing transformation through the lens of one individual’s reflection. “Are you gonna change me, Can you set me free, Are you gonna change me, Into what I see?,” sings Weihl in the slow-glowing song, whose enigmatic and dytsopian atmosphere also evokes Blade Runner and Metropolis.

“Ur Eyes” also comes with an incredible video, crafted in collaboration with James Barry.

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