Dominic Sen goes hyperpop on “Steakhouse”

Dominic Sen’s new single “Steakhouse” is out via Grind Select.

You might know Dominic Sen from “Natural History”, an elegant bop taken from her debut album Visitor. Released in 2019, the underrated project was a demonstration of lounge-y groove, slappy bass and throwback pop exploring the concepts of gender, identity and otherness. On her new single, “Steakhouse,” Alexandra Lily Cohen jumps from the past to the future, vibing with the pulsations of hyperpop and the internet aesthetic that the Magdalena Bay and other PC artists have done so well.

Assisted by Oren Ratowsky (Cecile Believe, Dorian Electra) on production duties, she navigates the thrills of infatuation in all of its highs and lows. ““Steakhouse” represents a state of mind – desiring and then taking more and more and more of something that feels too good with an understanding that it might end in chaos at any moment, especially when dealing with infatuation,” she details.

The EDGY POPPERS-friendly track also comes with a thrilling Y2K-inspired video in which Cohen impersonates Cleopatra and faces the dangerous snakes of the garden of Eden. Watch below.

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