Magdalena Bay share amazing AI-generated visuals for “Dreamcatching”

“Dreamcatching” is taken from Magdalena Bay‘s excellent debut album, Mercurial World, out via Luminelle.

Magdalena Bay‘s momentum is unstoppable. In the midst of their first U.S. headlining tour, the Los Angeles pop duo unveiled a video for “Dreamcatching,” a highlight and fan favourite off of their debut record Mercurial World. The visuals, directed beautifully by Felix Geen, start like a digital still-life aquarelle before metamorphosing into an explosion of colors and effects, generated by an AI. Honestly, it is hard to describe what is happening and what you’re projected into, so it’s far better to experience it by yourself and be ready for a big drop of serotonin.

“‘Dreamcatching’ is about all the places you want to know and all the places you’ll never go,” they stated. “The video uses AI neural networks to create the landscapes and worlds we long for in the lyrics, a computer’s interpretation of our dreams.”