El Guincho – Cómix (feat. Mala Rodríguez)


Which spell have the people of Spain cast onto themselves? They always find a way to be cooler than anybody else. And these two certainly are no exception. Everybody’s favourite pibe El Guincho and queen of hip hop ibérico Mala Rodríguez have joined forces for “Cómix”, the pulsating lead single off Pablo‘s wearable album “HiperAsia”.

Radio pop gone wrong, and beautifully so, “Cómix” is a destabilizing song, a collection of weird, surprising textures, now sleek, now grainy, that assault you from all sides but in mannered, likable way. Also, it’s catchy as hell. It’s disjointed but irresistible like a huge K-Pop single without the bullshit. With the robotic sheen of its heavily auto-tuned vocals and the brainiac, cocky lyrics, it’s fresh the way glass and steel are fresh. There is a strange sense of confused euphoria to it, something akin to a rush of excitement induced by sleep deprivation. It’s not a coincidence El Guincho recorded “HiperAsia” while living wildly in wild Madrid. The Chinese bazaars in and out the city provided inspiration for the sound and vibe of the album, which is full and disorienting but new and exciting too.
The video for “Cómix” was directed by CANADA, who became known internationally thanks to El Guincho himself and whose work might be more familiar to you than you realize. As it’s always the case with them, a bunch of uncanny things happen here as well: there are Gothic lettering, a customized car, thermic blankets, dudes getting physical, thrift store fashion worn in layers, La Mala being herself, a game of wig-snatching blindman’s bluff and boiled eggs. Watch below:

“HiperAsia” is out February 12th via Everlasting Records, CANADA and Nacional Records, but you can already buy your wristband here.
If you’re not familiar with La Mala and her flamenco-infused hip hop, check out her latest singles, “Egoista” and “Mátale” below. They’re great.

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